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EBS 35 Gala 

„This is just the beginning“ 

We warmly invite all alumni, students, former and current staff, and valued partners to the festive gala dedicated to 35th anniversary of EBS. An evening filled with sparkle and elegance awaits, offering joyful reunions and unforgettable culinary and cultural experiences. 

Evening Schedule:  

19.00 – Doors Open 

Guests will be welcomed by Rector of EBS Prof. Meelis Kitsing and Chancellor Mart Habakuk. 

20.00 – 21.00 Concert Performance "This is Just the Beginning" 
Director: Veiko Tubin; Choreographer: Ingmar Jõela,Creative director: Sten Õitspuu. 
The performance brings together various mediums – music, words, video art, and even artificial intelligence – to tell a story of remarkable moments around us and in EBS's past, present, and future. 

22.30 – Lexsoul Dancemachine 

To conclude the evening, DJ Britiimpeerium will be on the decks, spinning records. 

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EBS Awards Honorary Doctorates 

As the highlight of the gala, a ceremonial conferring of two new honorary doctorates will take place. This moment marks an important chapter in history, recognizing individuals whose contributions have brought inspiration to the EBS community and served as a motivating example.

In celebrating these honorary doctorates, we applaud not just their achievements but also their unwavering commitment to enriching education, science, and society. This tribute reflects our admiration for the wisdom, innovation, and dedication that invigorate our community and open doors for future generations. 

Musical Interludes 

The production features songs from our roots and past, as well as the present and future. On stage with musical director and composer Aleksander Žedeljov will be a jazz trio, offering new and unique arrangements that breathe fresh life into well-known and familiar tunes. The EBS Chamber Choir and top soloists Anett and Uku Suviste will also perform, bringing their interpretations of popular music and contemporary compositions. Adding a special touch to the content, spoken poetry artist Elina Naan and Modulshtein's electronic soundscapes will enrich the experience. 

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Gourmet and Cocktail Experiences 

At the heart of the festive gala, Põhjala Catering serves as the culinary delight. Each bite of the specially crafted, exquisite menu takes you on a journey through a world of flavors, where local ingredients meet international elegance. Let the dishes tell their story and create memories that linger long after. 

Pitz's selection of drinks offers extraordinary cocktails crafted specifically for this evening. "King of Business" brims with determination and elegance, "Queen of Business" offers regal finesse, and "New Beginning" leads to a refreshing journey. Each cocktail is mixed with expertise and passion, offering more than just a drink – it's an experience. 

Additional info: 

Dress code for the event: Formal  

Tickets are limited, so purchase yours now. 

Parking: Find the nearest Snabb parking locations here. As a visitor to the EBS 35 Gala, you can park at a 35% discount by
using the promo code EBS35. 


The EBS 35 Gala brings together old friends and classmates, former and current students and colleagues, as well as all our valued partners! Be sure to come and invite your fellow EBS alumni to the brightest year-end party! 

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